Intuition behind Superconductivity and Qubit Measurement and Control

In last blog I promised that we will talk about how to use quantum computer to write some programmes. But I think there is one last piece of puzzle is missing before we will get there. So what is that ?let’s see ,if you would have followed all my previous blogs ,then I am hoping […]


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Super Conducting Qubit -II

As promised in the previous post in this post we will cover Josephson Junction and squid and hopefully we will take our understanding of superconducting qubit to a good level Josephson Junction Just to recall we discussed in my previous post that persistent current flows in a superconductor to cancel out the externally applied magnetic […]

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Super Conducting Qubit-I

In the previous tutorial, we discussed briefly about all different kind of qubits. In this tutorial we will talk about superconducting qubits in detail   But before start on superconducting let us recall some basic concepts about conductors Current Current is flow of electrons towards positive charge inside some conductor (any good conductor like copper […]

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Types of Qubits

In the previous tutorial ,we talked about that how it is impossible to precisely calculate position and momentum of a sub atomic particle because of Heisenberg uncertainty principle. Now the whole premise of using qubit -was to store entire spectrum of information because of its wave like behavior ,but till now what we understood ,that […]

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